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First Midcontinent Snow Goose Management Plan

In 1982, the Mississippi and Central Flyways produced and approved the first Midcontinent Snow Goose Management Plan “…snow geese may have exceeded the carrying capacity in some colonies along the west coast of Hudson Bay…” The most recent goose management plans can be accessed through the AGJV website at:

The AGJV Prospectus

The AGJV partnership was formally established and a Prospectus was developed in 1989. The AGJV Prospectus identified habitat destruction by light geese as one of the issues to be addressed.

Goose Management Roundtable

January 1995 – During the 8th North American Arctic Goose Conference, the first organized discussion of the light goose overabundance issue was held at a Goose Management Roundtable. February 1995 – In follow up to the Goose Management Roundtable an open letter was sent to the Canadian Wildlife Service which cited the NAAG discussions, explained…

Support for the establishment of an independent international committee

March 1995 – The Central Flyway Council, and the Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies (AFWA) Executive Council and Migratory Wildlife Committee all pass and forward recommendations to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and the Canadian Wildlife Service to “establish an independent international committee comprised of appropriate experts to explore and recommend management actions.”

Light Goose Workshop

October 1995 – The AGJV facilitated a “Light Goose Workshop” at Oak Hammock Marsh, MB . 50 representatives of the U.S. FWS, CWS, flyways, universities, NGOs and other interests participated. From that meeting there was agreement to establish a working group of experts to address the light goose issue.

Amending Protocol

December 1995 – The United States and Canada signed the Amending Protocol to the Convention for the Protection of Migratory Birds in the United States and Canada. The Amending Protocol allowed the taking of birds for management purposes without day and date restrictions. The Amending instructions were exchanged in October 1999. The U.S. Senate ratified…

Arctic Ecosystems in Peril

January 1997 – Arctic Ecosystems in Peril: Report of the Arctic Goose Habitat Working Group, was published by the AGJV. The report included a description of the population and habitat problems and issues, analysis of population dynamics, review of potential management strategies, discussion of evaluations, and recommendations for action.