What We Do

The Arctic Goose Joint Venture facilitates research and monitoring for seven species and 24 populations of geese that breed in the Arctic and migrate throughout the continent.  The AGJV works cooperatively to provide a coordinated and cost-effective approach to meeting high priority information needs for the management of northern-nesting geese in North America.  This partnership approach is especially valuable for conducting Arctic research where logistics are more costly and where maximum return from available funds is highly desirable.

AGJV Partner Organizations

The AGJV Management Board and Technical Committee are made up of partners from the following organizations:

Federal Governments of the United States and Canada:

  • United States Fish and Wildlife Service
  • Environment and Climate Change Canada – Canadian Wildlife Service
  • United States Geological Survey

Provincial Governments:

  • Eastern:  Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources
  • Western:  Manitoba Conservation

Non-Government Organizations

  • Ducks Unlimited Inc.
  • Ducks Unlimited Canada

State Governments:

  • Atlantic Flyway Council
  • Mississippi Flyway Council
  • Central Flyway Council
  • Pacific Flyway Council