Projects and Funding

The AGJV cooperates on many surveys, banding and research projects with several organizations throughout the continent, as well as Russia.  Priority Information Needs and Focus areas are identified below and in the AGJV Strategic Plan.

Request for Proposals

The AGJV is not currently accepting new proposals. Please check back in 2025.

Atlantic Brant on Southampton Chris Nicolai

Guidelines for Proposal Submissions and Evaluations

The Joint Venture’s role is to encourage and facilitate international and cross-flyway studies focusing on high-priority information needs for northern-nesting goose populations, as described in the Prospectus, Strategic Plan, and other guidance documents available from the AGJV Coordination Office.

Consequently, the AGJV will receive proposals in three categories:

  1. Informational those requesting only technical review, advice on operations, or coordination with other related projects, and for inclusion in AGJV compendia;
  2. Endorsement – those that are seeking endorsement as an AGJV project, but not specifically requesting AGJV funds;
  3. Endorsement and Funding – those partially-funded or unfunded projects seeking endorsement as an AGJV priority and seeking AGJV assistance in locating financial cooperators.
Cackling Goose head Tim Moser 2
Canada geese Akimiski Island Shannon Badzinski

When funding is available, requests for proposals by the AGJV, which outline highest priority information needs and submission deadlines, are posted to the AGJV website and other media. New requests for proposals typically occur every two years. Proposals will be given full review by the AGJV Technical Committee with an endorsement recommendation and priority designation if required. The Management Board considers the Technical Committee recommendation and funding request.

For request for proposals that are posted, applicants should follow the submission guidelines included in the announcement.

Any proposals should also be submitted to the AGJV Coordinator, in electronic format at email address below.

AGJV Coordination Office

Phone (587)401-7096
Web / /

Proposal Format

Please see the Strategic Plan for detailed information about Proposal Formatting.

Evaluation of Proposals

Please see the Strategic Plan for detailed information about Evaluation of Proposals

April 2022 AGJV Information Needs Matrix

AGJV Focus Areas

See Strategic Plan for full description of Focus Areas

  • Habitat Degradation Caused by Populations of Snow and Ross’s Geese
  • Evaluation and Improvement of Population Delineation
  • Impacts of Climate Change and Resource Development on Arctic Geese
  • Population Status, Population Dynamics, and Ecology of Brant and Emperor Geese
  • Evaluation and Improvement of Harvests Estimates
  • Development and Improvement of Population Monitoring