Taxonomy of Cackling/Canada Geese

In 2004, the American Ornithologist's Union declared that geese previously classified as 4 subspecies of Canada geese (Branta canadensis minima, hutchinsii, leucopareia, and taverneri) would now be considered a new species of goose, the "Cackling Goose" (B. hutchinsii).  Prior to this change, the common name for the Alaska-nesting subspecies B. c. minima was "Cackling goose", a name now adopted for this new group of 4 subspecies. Three AGJV populations include only cackling goose subspecies (Cackling, Aleutian, and Taverner's geese), and two populations (Short Grass Prairie and Tall Grass Prairie) include one subspecies from each of the two species (B. c. parvipes and B. h. hutchinsii).