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Ross's Goose

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Range map of Western Arctic Lesser, Greater and Ross's Geese
(from U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service)

Ross's Goose


Ross's Goose

Current Status and Management Issues for Ross’s Geese

Most Ross's geese nest in the Queen Maud Gulf region, but increasing numbers nest along the western coast of Hudson Bay, and Southampton, Baffin, and Banks Islands. Ross' s geese are present in the range of three different populations of light geese and primarily winter in California, New Mexico, Texas, and Mexico, with increasing numbers in Louisiana and Arkansas (see goose range maps). Ross's geese are annually surveyed at only one of their numerous nesting colonies. More comprehensive aerial photography inventories and groundwork (to identify proportions of snow and Ross's geese within colonies) are conducted periodically. The largest Ross's goose colonies are in the Queen Maud Gulf Sanctuary. Biologists at the Karrak Lake colony estimated that 800,000 adult Ross's geese nested there in 2007, a 15% increase from 2006 and another consecutive record high (see goose range maps). These estimates increased an average of 9% per year during 1998-2007 (P < 0.001). Colony 10, about 60 miles to the east of Karrak Lake, has grown to contain similar or higher numbers of Ross's geese. Nesting studies at the McConnell River colony where approximately 80,000 (25,500) Ross's geese nested in 2007 were discontinued this year.



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